General Terms

General Terms and Conditions Short Stay

Short Stay

Tenant rents a furnished apartment. Without interim notice, the lease continues for up to six months. Tenant may terminate early with a notice period of one (1) month, with the lease ending on the fifteenth or the last day of the month. The leased property is exclusively intended to be used as living quarters. The rent includes consumption of gas, electricity, water and internet.

Reservation, Billing and Payment

The agreement becomes final after payment of the rent for the first period, the deposit and the final cleaning. If payment is not made on time, the reservation expires and the agreement is not concluded.

Around the 20th of each month, Tenant will receive an invoice with the rent for the following month. Tenant remits the rent itself. Rent must be paid no later than seven (7) days before the new month. Failure to pay on time will entitle Landlord to rent the property to another person.

Prohibitions to protect the residential environment

It is forbidden to:

  • - Smoking in the house and on the premises.
  • - Keeping pets;
  • - To cause a nuisance;
  • - Polluting the common areas and grounds;
  • - Placing items in the common areas;
  • - To block the emergency stairs and exits;
  • - Knocking or hanging out bedding and laundry on the outside of the building;
  • - Trafficking, manufacturing, using or having drugs;
  • - To have environmentally hazardous items, including smelly, flammable or explosive items;
  • - To drill, screw, nail into floor, walls and ceiling;
  • - To use the dwelling other than as short-stay living quarters;
  • - To occupy the dwelling with more adult persons than the type is intended for;
  • - To assign the dwelling for rent, sublet or use to third parties
Access by landlord

Landlord is entitled to enter the property for inspection after consultation with Tenant. In cases of emergency, Landlord is entitled to enter the property even without consultation.

Damages, liability and security deposit

Tenant will have at her disposal a furnished apartment as named under type. Tenant must treat the apartment and its contents with care. If damage has occurred or threatens to occur in, on or to the Rented Property, the Tenant must notify the Landlord/Manager immediately.

The Tenant will be liable for damage to the Rented Property caused by a failure attributable to it. The Tenant also includes third parties who are in the Rented Property.

As security for compliance with its obligations, the Tenant shall deposit a security deposit. Insofar as the deposit has not been called upon, it will be refunded within two to four weeks after termination of the lease to an account number to be specified by the Tenant.

The deposit expires if the lease ends earlier without respecting the notice period of 1 month.

Denial of access

Landlord may deny Tenant access to the property if Tenant fails to comply with its obligations under the Lease.

Taxes and other levies

Taxes and other levies in connection with living in the apartment are not included in the rent and are additionally for the account of the tenant, even if is imposed on the landlord.